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 SightCompass 2.0 Enabled Sites:
Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Phoenix, AZ USA
Foundation for Blind Children, Phoenix, AZ USA
- Judith Tunnell Accessible Trail at South Mountain Phoenix, AZ USA (Download Map).
The Cedar Cultral Center, Minneapolis MN USA

     It's very simple, we just want to make the world accessible and this is the tool to do the job. SightCompass 2.0 is a powerful tool used to broadcast and receive information relating to one's current environment. This information can include the description of a room, the layout of buttons on a television remote control, directions for operating fixtures in a restroom and even information about items on a restaurant menu. The information that SightCompass can offer is nearly endless. This information is obtained by using a FREE App on a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone.* Upon opening the app, content will begin to appear as the SightCompass Beacons are located. By using a mobile screen-reader such as VoiceOver the user will have access to the information via audio output. This means that all of the information that the SightCompass Beacon is broadcasting is essentially read out loud to the end-user. With this being said, the SightCompass network is ideal for persons with blindness, vision loss, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, hard of hearing, learning challenges and with a Bluetooth Braille display Deaf-Blind.

We would like to know how SightCompass may have helped you or someone you know!

This is about you and making the world more accessible. We need your ideas and stories to help us make our product even better. Please send us any comments or ideas you may have. Let us know if there is a place in your neighborhood, work site, school, restaurant, shopping center etc. that could use a SightCompass system to provide detailed access.

"Very useful, everyone should work with it." - Distributor, EU


"It increases my self-sufficiency!" - Ezra, Canada

"It's important people use technology that makes them feel good in the heart." - John, NL

"I am very excited about this. She can now tell me how to get somewhere."- Parents of blind 8 year old daughter, EU


"It really helps you visualize the room and with my dog I can get around."  - Natalie, Canada

"The simplicity of the system teaches life and most students already have iPhones."  - Hein, Assistive technologist, EU

"The description was really accurate, as if it were my eyes."  - Martin, Canada

"It's mind blowing to me, it's going to open a whole new world for people to have the freedom to be independent." - Joyce, App user, WA 

"Wow! This is really going to help people who need orientation and allow them to travel more independently in areas. What we know from research is being able to preview your route and how important that is." - Singi, PHD, O&M specialist, GA

"What can I say, it was helpful to have a description of the bathroom beforehand." "This goes a long way to solving that issue." - Kara, App user, CA

"I could totally picture where everything was in the bathroom." "I feel comfortable about it and I haven’t even been in yet!" - Drew, High School student, CA

"It is something I have always wished for." - CSUN visitor

"I feel like these guys are right on the edge!" "I wish everywhere I go will have this!"  - Kelly App user

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