SightCompass™ Make something accessible today!

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The SightCompass online Dashboard, Beacon and free App trio (see diagram below) is a powerful combined tool used to broadcast and receive information to truly bring to life one’s personal environment. The information can include just about anything you can imagine: a detailed description of any room, including objects such as menus, tables, location of drinking fountains, restrooms or smaller objects such as power outlet locations or button descriptions on a vending machine. SightCompass Beacons push any information you want or need to provide to the end user. With this technology, anything can be described and made accessible for everyone. Multiple languages fully supported. The accessible information that SightCompass offers is nearly endless, simple to set up and broadcasts in minutes. Completely wireless, no pairing or needing access to private networks. Our newest version, version 2.0, features push notification alerts. These are read out loud to the user by voice-over technology built into the device. We have also added multiple content features that are now pushed automatically to the SightCompass App when in proximity of a Beacon. Now, with this tool in hand and tested around the world, we boldly ask, what will you make accessible today?

We also provide consulting services in the design, planning, and implementation project management of technological accessibility services for the disabled and impaired, and technological planning and consulting services in computer hardware and software design for accessibility services for the disabled and impaired.

- As seen at TechnoVision 2013 hosted by CNIB